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20.05.13 - Now it has a name

Before the web, it was difficult to see what other photographers were doing. We haunted bookstores, looked at out of town newspapers; searching for signs of what other members of the tribe were up to.

Now, it is humbling, and more than a little frightening, to be aware of how many great photographers are out there doing wonderful work. But it is also a great opportunity to learn.

I look at a lot of photos every day. I feel that this exercise expands my concept of what is “possible.”

For a while, Trent Nelson had a collection of photographs of objects at his feet-with his feet in the photo-on his website. I had seen similar things from G.J. McCarthy and Jordan Murph.

Since I have a fondness for deadpan documentary style photos, I set to work creating some images of my own.  But without the snazzy footware of the other practitioners.

After a while I had a group of photos but no good idea what to do with them.

Then, in late January 2013, Baltimore photographer Patrick Smith posted an Instagram image of two cameras and his bare feet. Kevin Fujii’s comment of the image gave the style a name: “Feetographs.”

Photo by Patrick Smith

Photo by Patrick Smith

Now it is whole. We can proceed.

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