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19.01.22 - Al Pastor

Al Pastor sign

Mesa, AZ.

24.12.21 - Xmas Card 2021

Grinch Christmas decoration in Tempe, AZ.

I hope this guy does not visit you this year. Merry Christmas!

17.12.21 - Santa Cone

Santa hat on traffic cone with Christmas tree.

Tempe, AZ.

06.12.21 - Sonora Menorah

Cactus themed christmas decoration

Tempe, AZ.

13.11.21 - Yosemite

Yosemite mural

Oakhurst, CA.

25.10.21 - Windshields

Auto Glass store sign

Phoenix, AZ.

11.10.21 - Mission Statement

mexican restaurant mural

Chandler, AZ.

03.10.21 - Peppers

mexican food sign with saguaros

Mesa, AZ.

19.09.21 - Funky

Lemon House Inn

Cartargo, CA

18.08.21 - Art

Glenwood Springs, CO.

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