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18.04.13 - More Instant Gratification

So why am I writing about Polaroids and the old days? I’m an old guy and everything I do was influenced by what has gone before.

I loved Polaroids. They were a moment in time that you could hold in your hand. Their accidental quality added to their charm.


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Digital changed everything in photography and Polaroid was one of the casualties of the change.

I didn’t think about SX-70s much until one day I saw a set of images shot in Afganistan by the

Associated Press’s David Guttenfelder made using an iPhone and an app called “ShakeitPhoto”.
I was blown away by the images. They were equally as strong as the photos he made with is digital SLRs.


ShakeitPhoto mimics the look of the old Polaroid SX-70, right down to the sound of the photo being ejected and the image “developing” before your eyes.

So I downloaded the app and joined the multitudes taking photos with an iPhone. I had a new form of instant gratification.

The only similarity between Mr. Guttenfelder¹s work and mine is that we use the same gear. He is a much better photographer than I am.

Or ever was.

Or might ever be.

So, and all the writing about Polaroids and the old days; it was just so much background, probably unnecessary, for why I’m posting my iPhone photos here.

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